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photo: fotolia 32642394

photo: fotolia 32642394

Do you ever fight without words?

You know, those silent, high walled fights

Where there are no words,

But the air is heavy with unspoken animosity?

You may not know what the words are, but you know they aren’t good

Because the words that are spoken are often harsh and

Your words are heard as critical when that isn’t their intent.

You want to ask, “What is wrong?”

But the time is never right.

There are things to be done…

Uninvolved people are present…

The walls may have come from old wounds                          (5 minutes up)

But there is no way to know.

Because life is so busy…

Or are we keeping busy so we don’t have to talk about the pain of the past…

That is causing pain in our present…and will continue to harm our future?


Five Minute Friday