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photo: dreamstime 23033018

photo: dreamstime 23033018


The week has flown…again!  Now it is Five Minute Friday.  I think you know the rules so I won’t rewrite them again!  The link is here if you want the rules.  This is where the FMF page is.


Look at the trees

They tell us about life and its seasons.


Spring brings light green buds and leaves.

Life is returning after Winter.

There has been death and barrenness everywhere.

But now it is warming.

Life is returning.


It reminds us of Resurrection.  

Christ Arose, Hallelujah!

We see it all around us in nature!

Colorful blooms are popping up everywhere,

Lifting our spirits after the cold and dreary Winter.


Summer gives us lush trees that shade us from the hot sun.              STOP

We spend more time outside enjoying GOD’s creation…

Playing, loving family, vacationing

Taking time to relax in the beauty.


Then comes Fall with all the stunning colors:

Red, orange, yellow and every shade in between!

The hills are studded with color…brilliantly displayed against the azure sky!


This is the season we sometimes pause to say, “Thank you”

Between our football games, meals and shopping.

But soon the cold and wind hit and the leaves die.

And we must clean up all the debris…and death.


The Winter branches are bare so the sun can shine on the earth.

The privacy they provide is gone.

We are bracing for the cold again.


We choose a Christmas tree to remind us of the One who came and died…

on a tree.

We remember the Incarnation…and rejoice.

O come, O come Immanuel!


Five Minute Friday


(I cheated on this one.  When I woke up this morning to finalize the links, I saw a theme I just had to reinforce.  This isn’t as raw as normal.  But I love the theme that came out of my original  5 minutes.  This is mostly the basic 5 minutes…with some embellishment.)