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I know this is Saturday, but that was the only day I could fit 5 minute Friday in this week!  Since I played hooky from my blog last week, I felt I needed to produce this week and posted 4 out of the 5 weekdays along with finally getting a post in for Fellowship Friday which really only works on Fridays!

All that to say, it feels good to be getting back in the habit of blogging again since I have been more hit and miss since we moved.

inbetweenThe rules for Five Minute Friday?

  • Write for 5 minutes and don’t edit.  I will say my editing is minimal and when I get verbose, which is often, I let you know when my time ran out!
  • Link to the Five Minute Friday page of Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog.
  • Visit the person ahead of you and tell her what her words meant to you…and any others you care to as well!


It seems I’m always in the world of In-Between.

I’m living in the in-between…between the now and the not yet.

Between Christ’s work of redemption done on the cross…

And the full experience of that redemption when my body is new

and I am living in the new heaven and new earth.

When the world is no longer under the curse of Adam.

When everything that is now broken and corrupt will be healed and made new…

Never to break again.                       STOP


But I often find myself living in the In-Between in other areas.

When I don’t feel that I fit in, not a big problem now.

When I don’t feel settled…from my recent move.

Because I’m waiting to see where my niche will be.

I see glimmers.  I know that my family will play a larger role in my life.

That is delightful!

I’m getting hints of areas I may get to minister.

I just don’t know what and where those places will be yet.

Meanwhile, I live each day.

I continue unpacking, getting the house more organized,

Making it feel more like our home.

And soon we won’t feel in-between.

We’ll feel that we are home.