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imagineFive Minute Friday is here again!  I’m less settled than I was because my house is torn up with wallpaper being taken off the two bathrooms and the kitchen.  One bathroom and the kitchen/breakfast room is done and the walls are all prepped and primed for paint on Monday.  Then they will do the other bathroom.

Whoops!  I forgot to tell you, when they work on the bathroom, they remove the commode!  That’s why they can only work on one bathroom at a time!  Let’s get real.  We can do without a lot of things, but a commode isn’t one of them!

So, despite having a mess on my hands over the weekend, I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.  Maybe by Wednesday I’ll be able to get my house back.  That will be good.  No, it will be excellent!

Other events this past week?  The 39th birthday of one son-in-law, the 13th wedding anniversary of his and my middle daughter’s wedding the next day, and today, the 7th birthday of our first grandson.  Last week was the 10th birthday of our first grandchild and oldest granddaughter Caroline.  The milestones keep piling up!  Delightful!

We got through our visit to the vascular surgeon today.  Ron’s aneurysm that we have been following for about 5 years is very stable.  The radiologist was overly consciencious.  That is a relief!  Now I can plan for the future, knowing that ultimately it is all in GOD’s hands and we could all be gone in a second!

Finally, I found a great hairdresser.  I went to see her today and liked her a lot!  My daughter’s recommendation was a great one!

However, finding an internist is going to be difficult…very difficult.  The settling-in process continues.

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look at her

she is a mess.

but imagine,

imagine who she is…

in Christ!


she is your sister

she could be your daughter

she could even be you

but imagine her

in Christ.


that is what I do.

that has been my “job” for years.

was I fixing people?

at times…before I learned better

before I learned more about the grace of GOD

before I learned that isn’t who He is.


He loves first

yes, he changes us

but he isn’t guilting us into it

or worse, manipulating us into it!


He found me… and you

in the gutter.

whether it was the gutter of sexual sin






or the one that we rarely mention…


even there, his grace extends.                    STOP


yes, our sin is big

huge in fact.

bigger than we know


only one thing is bigger than our sin

the grace of GOD.


thanks be to GOD!