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Good Morning.  It is a gloomy, rainy Saturday morning.  The wind of yesterday has given in to a slow, steady dripping of rain that says, “Today is a perfect day to stay inside!”

Actually, it really says, “Today is a perfect day to curl up in bed in a fetal position in hopes that order will somehow arrive at the door of your house.”  But, since those of us who live in the real world know that won’t happen, I decided to get up when I woke up at 5:30 AM…wide awake!


It is now shortly after 8 AM and I am sitting in a soft chair finishing a warm chai after my breakfast.

What did I do this morning?  Attacked my kitchen!  Setting it up is always my bugaboo!  I was so overwhelmed by it that I asked my daughter if she could give me an hour on Wednesday to help me with it.

She gave me two and I deeply appreciate the work she did.  She helped clean the kitchen drawers, line them and started putting away things like spices, seasonings and other foods.  After I got over that big hump, I was able to deal with most of what was left.  Now I’m putting things away…but I know where they belong.  It helps a lot!

Today, I have an empty floor in the kitchen…and one empty counter!  A few days ago, I thought I needed some beauty.  Turns out, I needed some order!  I can already feel my spirit being lifted when I can do something because I know where to put things away!  I will enjoy working toward order today.


It’s now Sunday.  More and more order is filling up our house.  The guest room is taking on order too.  My storage closets are cleaned out and as needed, shelves are lined.  Putting away linens, cleaning supplies, etc. clears away even more floor space!  The desks are set up in the study and Ron hopes to connect his computer today.  Then we’ll get the bookshelves up and soon those boxes and boxes of books will be emptied.

It will still be awhile before this house feels like home…or church feels like “home”.  We don’t know many people there at all, only our daughter and her family.  It is difficult not to know people…or how they connect.  But we’ve only been here a week.  It will take time for that to come.

For now, we’ll get settled in our home, get involved in our church, find ways to get to know people in this town that is very new to us, and see what our life becomes.  It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.  We will have a joyful, fulfilled life in a new town.