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run race, don't look back, good-bye 2012.


Hi all!  Lately, it seems like I write about a post a week and add a note to update you on what is happening with us.  It won’t be very good for the long-term but for now, it will have to do.  I hope to get back to writing very soon but I need a little more order than I have right now.

We still don’t have all the boxes open OR put away!  I tend to start looking for 1 or 2 items and either find them or come across a box that I think will have them in it.   So far, we have lots of boxes opened and a bunch of items either taken out and lying around or the item is lying out on a counter.  I just need to get those things put away!

I finally found our toaster oven!  That is one thing in place as I finish getting this kitchen in order.  Today….maybe!

For now, I’m in my PJ’s and taking it very slow.  Now, on to my 5 minutes…or so.


Courage and Bravery go hand it hand.

We often think of them as loud, with lots of bravado.

On a battlefield with swords or guns, lots of blood and gore.


But there are other kinds of courage too.

Think of the courage needed for the marathon runner.

He needs to keep running, to hang in, to persevere.


Or the mom, whether she works for pay or not.

Her life is busy and full of demands…more than she can possibly fulfill.

There are days she needs to be brave and just keep going.

Just remain calm and be kind to all who seem to make demands on her…

Even when that headache just won’t stop throbbing!                         STOP


Or the caretaker spouse, daughter…or even parent.

She must watch her loved one gradually fail and fade away.

It takes a certain kind of courage and bravery to face each day and the challenges it includes.

Much of it can be routine and even drudgery, but it is mixed with its own pain and grief.


Courage certainly takes perseverance but underlying it all,

There must be a trust that there is more to this life than what I am currently living through.


That is called faith…and hope.

Not the tenuous kind, but the certain hope mentioned in Scripture.

There is that certain hope that GOD keeps His promises…all of them.


That there is coming a day when injustice will be made right.

When the broken will be healed.

When GOD will make all things new!

Even so, Come Lord Jesus!