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This week has flown by…again!  My house is a mess.  One bedroom is just about empty.  The living room is full of furniture to be moved plus boxes that are packed.  The garage also has a lot of boxes as well as leftovers from Day One of our Moving/Garage Sale today…that was nearly obliterated by a storm!

Tomorrow is supposed to be a pretty day so we’ll need to have lots of buyers tomorrow to clear out the few pieces of furniture we are selling.

By this time next week, we should be close to our new to us, home.  Then we can start the part of the process I much prefer…settling in.

We’re still shaking our heads at the speed with which our home sold and the buyers needed to get into our house!  Four weeks isn’t much time when nearly a week of it is spent out of town looking for a place to live!  It will be great to have time to rest and catch our breath from the whirlwind!

But now it is time for Five Minute Friday.  You know the rules so I won’t review them today.  I’ll just start my 5 minutes and write!



There is something about jumping that catches my breath.

It takes guts, courage, spontaneity.


It always reminds me of the times I would jump off the high dive as a child.

I never dove off it…I’m sure I would have hurt myself for sure!

I would look down from that height and be scared to death.

Then count to 3, close my eyes and jump!


It was always a relief when I came up for air and hadn’t drowned!

There have been times in my life when I have felt that same fear and panic.

I thought through a decision the best way I could.  But I didn’t know the future.

I think it had to do with the loss of control.


You make the best decision you can with the wisdom GOD has given you.

Then you jump!

You can’t agonize forever.

You can’t continue to think about all the “what-ifs”.


You just have to jump!

There is that element in walking by faith.

It is trusting GOD to guide me when I know very little about the outcome.

It is grabbing hold of His hand as I jump, because I know He will hang onto me!


It’s what we’re doing now as we move.

Take a deep breath!  Now JUMP!