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1100aFor those of you who haven’t heard yet, we have sold our house.  YES, OUR HOUSE SOLD!

I’m shocked that it went so fast!  Wow!  When buying a house, listen to those who tell you about the importance of location.  This is the first house we have bought for the great location and it paid off now!

The house sold to the first people who looked at it.  They came about 3 hours after we had the photos taken.  The next morning they came in with an offer for the full price!  The down side?  They want us out by April 25th! Considering we don’t have our rental home yet, we are going to have to hustle to be ready…but we’ll get it done. I think these new neighbors will be a great addition to this neighborhood.

So we move forward to a new stage of life.  This will be a stage where grandchildren will play a larger part.  We will live near the stateside grandchildren that don’t have grandparents nearby.  We don’t know how that will all play out, of course.  We don’t know much about how the next few years will play out in fact.  But so far, we are in decent health.

We have learned that GOD is bigger than our plans…and He graciously provides what is needed when suprises come that aren’t expected…good or bad.

We think we know where we will attend church, but we aren’t certain.  There are many unknowns.  Next week I will go to Huntsville to find a house for us to rent.  I hope we will be able to have some “knowns” by the end of that week.

When we moved here in January,1988, our daughters were in grades 5, 9 and 11.  Now they are in the process of turning 36, 40 and 42!  They are all married and between them, have 7 children!  That is quite a multiplication.  We watched them complete high school, go on to college and two of them even went to grad school.  Later they married and had their children.  They have each become lovely women with delightful families…by the grace of GOD.


We are saying “Good-bye,” to our home of 25 years, minus the delightful 4 spent in IL.

Good-bye to a congregation that taught us about love, grace, reality and forgiveness.

Good-bye to long time friends, children we have seen grow into adulthood, friends from work…

That will be difficult.


We are also saying “Hello,” to more time with some of our grandchildren.

Hello to a new church where we can grow in grace.

Hello to a new community of believers and people we can influence in positive ways for the Kingdom.

What an adventure!