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Against all odds, my husband Ron has lived to be 75 years old today!  I still remember our romantic conversation on that Ft. Lauderdale beach long ago as we discussed the possiblity of a future together.

“Martha, I’m not sure it’s a good idea.  I’m eight years older than you are.  If I take after my father, I’ll die when I’m 47 of a heart attack and you’ll be left with young children.”

“If I don’t mind, I don’t think you should.  Besides, you might not take after your father!  Then we would have missed out on a great life!”

I get misty eyed thinking of the romantic settings we missed out on with these serious conversations…well, we didn’t totally miss out on the romance, trust me!

As you can see, he didn’t take after his father.  I don’t know if he will have the almost 20 more years his mother had, but I doubt I’ll be around to notice.

And just to set your minds at ease, no, that wasn’t his proposal.  That came a few months later.

summer2008ggSo we’re grateful to GOD for the 75 good years He has given Ron and the nearly 45 He has given us together.  We’re a bit like Abraham…or maybe Moses, when it comes to pulling up stakes and preparing to move again.  Well, once the house sells.

Of course, we would love to be here.  We have known and loved many people here for a very long time, but we have some grandchildren that would like grandparents nearby and we can fill the bill.  It’s more than that…we would be delighted to be in-town grandparents!  I hope we continue to be granted good health so we can be a help and enjoy them for a good while to come.

Meanwhile, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather be picking up stakes with than my birthday man.  Ron, you have all my love and best wishes as you enter the final quarter century of your life.  I hope I’ll be able to share the remaining years with you in good health as we enter this new chapter together!