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photo: Anthony Furgison/

This is the last Five Minute Friday of the year!  Here’s a short review of the rules: Write for  minutes.  Link to Gypsy Mama’s Five Minute Friday page.  Last, and most important, stop by the person ahead of you and leave them an encouraging message.  You can do that anywhere else you want, just be sure that person gets one!


The wonder of a newborn just after she is born.

Sometimes it takes her awhile to stop screaming at the lights and cold.

Others, she is calm and peaceful and just looks around at this big new world!


Is that what heaven will be like?

Will we open our eyes in this unimaginably beautiful place

and unlike our arrival on earth,

Realize how warm and comfortable it is.

How much we feel “at home” for the first time…ever?

How complete and whole we will feel.

All aches, pains and griefs will be gone…forever!


How delightfully fresh the air will be.

How unimaginable the colors?

How perfectly beautiful the music, yet with immense variety.

How peaceful (in a good way)

How light and open?


How surrounded we will be by beauty of all kinds

In a world teeming with creativity and joy unexpressible?

Most of all, how full this world will be of Jesus?

His presence, His glory, His worship, His love?


I’m becoming so cynical these days…

When I don’t check myself.

Here on earth I keep getting the feeling that

“I’ve been there, done that.”

There isn’t the wonder I had as a child

Who was seeing her world for the first timel


It won’t be like that in heaven.

I can’t imagine it beyond a certain point.

But I’m sure we will be full of wonder!


I got carried away and forgot to turn on the timer!  This was close to 5 minutes. 


photo: © Anthony Furgison |