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Today is the first Tuesday of November 2012.  Election Day!  I’m sure you have heard.  In this election, the contest that seems to get the most attention is the Presidential Election!  We tend to eat, breathe, sleep the Presidential Election for months and months!  At times, we think the actual Election may never come!

But it is now here!  I’m so glad.  This is the final poll.  It is the one that actually counts!

As believers, we need to remember to pray…for our decisions as we vote…for President/Vice-President…for senators and representatives…for local and state offices and propositions.

The Scripture that comes to my mind when I think about elections is this well known one.

 If my people

who are called by my name 

will humble themselves,

and pray and

seek my face and

turn from their wicked ways,

then I will hear from heaven and

will forgive their sin and

heal their land.

II Chronicles 7:14


I don’t know how this election will turn out.  I DO know that if GOD’s people will humble themselves and pray, seeking His face, turning from our wicked ways He will hear, forgive and heal our land!  What a comfort!
I’m curious to see who will end up being our president!