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Once again, it’s Five Minute Friday...only with a twist!  Tonight, we are writing live, together.  We’re at Allume.  Many of us are sharing our posts live with the group.  It is very touching.  There is something powerful about hearing these posts that I’m used to reading at home in quiet privacy.  Tonight, I’m hearing them in 3D.  I’m seeing the authors face to face.  Sometimes, there were tears.  It was very emotional.

The rules are the same.  Write for 5 minutes with no looking back.  Link to Gypsy Mama’s blog.  Finally, stop by the person ahead of you, leave an encouraging message.  That is the rule that is non-negotiable.


You have a voice

Where did it come from?

Your childhood

The ways you experienced school

and life.


Your voice…

even the way you express yourself.

It is the sum total of your life experience:

the good, the bad, the ugly, the sublime.


It is also the way you were born.

What genes were you given to develop?

All of it is there.

It is the life GOD gave you.


The sins you have committed…

The redemption you have experienced…

The grace you have been shown…

The forgiveness you are learning to gift…


All of it has come from Him.

Receive it with joy.

Open this gift and share it!



photo: © Gualtiero Boffi |