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When you look around you in a group of people.

Which do you think of as the brave ones?


The young and healthy?

or the old, craggy and struggling?

The younger ones sitting in wheelchairs?

walking with canes, or limps?

The children with glasses so thick

yet still they barely see?

The parents who work with their children

with disabilities that are seen or unseen?

These are the brave ones.


I see some of them in my job in rehab.

They come in from the hospital…

still ill.

The routine starts.

They begin moving,

Going to the bathroom

Eating in the dining room

Taking care of themselves as they can.

Their thoughts begin to form

Their hearts begin to be hopeful

They are the brave ones.


They choose to go on living

and fighting

and moving

and doing.

They refuse to sit in a corner and stop living.

They…and their loved ones, are the brave ones!

I salute you!


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