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Photo of Clyde house in spring.

photo: Martha G. Brady


While taking a walk in my neighborhood, I see fresh spring blooms coming alive.

Fresh white azaleas with bees buzzing around them.

Rose bushes bursting with blooms

Ready to pop open with their colorful show anyday!

Dogwoods budding…not open yet.

Crepe Myrtles that look dead from a distance.


But up close they are alive with tiny leaves, ready to grow.

Daffodils, blooms dead, are

Gaining nourishment underground for next year’s blooms.

New bulbs popping up from the ground.

I planted them last year, but forgot what they will look like.

They will be this year’s surprise.

Perennials growing, sending out shoots and blooming.

Pinks, yellows, purples and whites!  What a beautiful display!


Weeds are also growing.

They fill up every crack and crevice.

They take over the yard

Where grass is slow to grow.

Some are “boo-ti-ful,” as Mia says.

She is so happy to pick their blossoms…

Unaware that no one wants them.

They are weeds.

To her, they are flowers to pick.

She doesn’t know the difference.

She just knows she can reach them!

She loves to blow the dandelion puffs and

Watch them fly to all parts of the yard…

Spreading more seeds…of weeds!


I want to be a perennial that comes back each year

Blooming and spreading my blooms on an ever growing plant.

I don’t want to be a weed: fun, maybe even pretty for now and fast to grow…

but a nuisance.

In the way of healthy growth.

Not the healthy plant that has been bred to be beautiful for years.

Thriving, blooming with abundant life that comes from deep roots

Imbedded in the Living Water…





This is Day 8 of the writing series I am part of: 31 Days to Become a Better Writer

Occasionally, I will share one of my projects with you.  This is my poetry project.