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Five Minute Friday!  It is here again.  The weeks are flying!  

What is it?  A chance to write for 5 minutes straight…and share it with you!  A chance to see what my voice is.  A chance to see what is in my heart.  The editing is minimal.  (I reread mine to be sure it makes sense…otherwise it won’t do anyone any good!)

Then I add a photo or two and link it to Gypsy Mama’s page.  Yes, it was her brainchild in the first place!

Last of all, I am to stop and leave an encouraging word for the person ahead of me on the page…and any others I care to visit!  Come join us.  You’ll meet some interesting people. 



Delight!  Delightful!

I use those words to describe my children

my grandchildren

delicious food

a beautiful painting

an enjoyable evening

at times, even the GOD I worship.


What a strange combination!

But each brings

joy and light

to my eyes and heart…

In a different way

each brings a joyful texture to my life.


My children remind me of many of the good things

about my husband and me.

I watch as they mature into godly women,

wives and mothers.

Their marriages ebb and flow

and grow in grace.

They guide their children with wisdom.


My grandchildren,

soon to be seven in number

are alive…alert…busy…

full of questions.

They sparkle with energy and life!

They reflect their parents and grandparents

They are a delight!


I taste a delicious meal

The colors give me an appetite.

The smells and seasonings tempt me.

Combinations of sweet, tart and spicy

wake up my tastebuds.



Going to an art museum for an afternoon!

Is anything more enriching to the soul?

I see the beautiful colors on canvas

that remind me of flowers or people or cities.

They also remind me of past experiences

and my soul is refreshed by beauty, color and light.


Or an evening out with my husband and friends…

when we connect over common interests

and talk about heart issues.

It is rare…

Making it all the more delightful…

Like finding beauty in a place of sparsity.

Touching hearts and souls brings warmth to the soul.


Most of all, in relation to GOD…

not only is it delightful that I can talk to Him

and find pleasure in His company…

But that He finds delight in me as His child.

That is beyond my understanding.

How could it be?

A delightful miracle of grace!