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large28daystohopeToday I’d like to introduce you to a blogging friend I met in person last summer…whoops, no, the summer before!  Her name is Nony for her blog/Dana White in real life.  She writes a great blog called A Slob Comes Clean.

The link to it is in the right column in my affiliate link.  It won’t send you into any dark place you don’t want to go…I promise!  It will take you to her blog and you can choose to buy her e-book or look more at her blog.

When I met Nony, I found her to be delightful.  She’s the kind of person you meet and feel like you have known her for a long time.  She has a funny way about her too…you know the type?

She can be describing the worst day of her life and it still sounds funny.  You are trying not to laugh too much…because it WAS the worst day of her life, after all. But she is describing it in such a funny way, you can’t help yourself!


She recently wrote an e-book that will be helpful to some of you.  It won’t help the mildly disorganized.  It is for those who feel overwhelmed by their homes, particularly the housework side of things.  For the month of February 2012, it is on sale for $4.00!  Pull out the quarters and get your life together!  It will only take 16 of them.

For those of you who have your lives all together, especially as it relates to your housework, you can just skip over this post.  You can feel great and happy, hopefully NOT superior, because you house is in order…at least the housework side of it is.  No one has everything all together.  Let’s be real, ladies!

For the rest of you who are bogged down by your housework, you will find hope from Nony.  She has struggled…and continues to struggle in this area of her life.  Her blog reflects the good, bad and the ugly side of her struggle.

Her e-book shows she has been where you are and has analyzed the problems…and best of all, come up with some simple solutions for starters.  For many of us, starting is often the hardest part!


What I like about her e-book is that she isn’t trying to make you into an organized, neatnik in a month.  She knows that isn’t going to happen, given your strengths and weaknesses.  Her more realistic goal is to give you hope that you can get control of the mayhem and have order in your life.  She believes in the K.I.S.S. principle and it shows!  (Keep It Simple Sweetie!)


She will give you four new habits to start over a four week period. They will sound so simple you will think to yourself, “What a waste of money!”  But they will work!  You won’t have a lot of reading to do in the process.  Often 1/2 page a day!  Buy now while it’s cheap.  $4 during the month of February 2012!  That’s a bargain if it will help you get one whole area of your life in order!

Each week you will add a new habit to learn and practice building into your routine.  She will also add some items you can tuck into the new spaces of time.  She will help you laugh at yourself, but she will also be honest and VERY strightforward.  Woven in between the few instructions is humor…often from her own life.


It is helpful to realize that for those of us who are not natural born housewives, we do have other strengths.  Yes, I am definitely one of the people she is speaking to.  I have learned some of the skills she talks about, but I often get out of my routine, and get overwhelmed easily.  Instead of enjoying the strengths GOD has given us, we struggle because of our weak areas and are blind to the good things that are happening because everything around us is a mess!

People who have these problems are often busy in their community/church with creative, helpful activities.  Their sense of time is often not realistic.  They are often more people-centered and less task-oriented.  They tend to get involved in projects with tunnel vision.  You see, they are definitely NOT bad people.  They just need help in managing this important area that in the long run, makes their lives and that of those around them, simpler. Because there are a variety of ways to do it, her plan is quite flexible, for the most part.

So take a gander at her blog via my link…yes, the one on the right with the photo!  If you decide to purchase the e-book, I’ll get a piece of the action.

Yes, I have something to gain from your buying the e-book, but my opinions regarding it are MY opinions.  Remember the subtitle of the book: not for the mildly disorganized!

If you are one of these people…or love one of these people, click the link and grab a copy of her e-book, especially during the month of February 2012!  It came out the end of January…just in time for everyone who is weary from failing their resolutions for 2012!  Do it NOW!