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I decided to add a touch of humor today.  It is the middle of January.

For many, the New Year blahs have hit.  Many of our great plans for 2012 already lie in shambles.  This was supposed to be the year that would be different.  It is seeming to be the same old same old.

This won’t solve that problem.  It will only give you a few minutes of escape to chuckle and smile.

Then remember that you have Christ.  He is with you.  He will give you hope for the future.  He has the resources you need…whatever type they happen to be!

So take a quick break and smile.  You’re even allowed to laugh!

Postmodern Comedian–he is making fun of present day communication styles.  funny.  (not sure why it has the postmodern label.)

Atlanta Weather Report–done about a year ago when Atlanta was snowed in.  Very funny lady:)  Thanks to Susan Hurlburt’s Pinterest page.

Do one fun thing today…even if it just stopping and drinking a cup of a special tea/coffee.