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blocks by Dayspring. (won by Ali Dent. gifted to me:)

I’m in the airport on my way home from a delightful weekend.  The sun is pouring in the window.  WOW!  Is there anything like all this glass in the DFW airport?  It nearly drove me nuts for about 45 minutes, but now I can see the beautiful red and pink sky and…stunning is an understatement!  However, I must say, God can really bring out the colors sometimes, can’t He?  There is my ramble for now.  This is what I was doing last weekend.

My friend Ali Dent (a friend from Tyler who recently moved to San Antonio) and I went to Relevant in Harrisburg, PA.  We had a great time at the conference.  She met some people she needed to meet.  I met/became reacquainted with a number of ladies I’ve known over the internet or met last year at the conference.


Dayspring and associated companies such as Blessings and Incourage (blog) had a heavy presence there…just like last year.  There were more book editors…or at least that I was aware of.  For sure, I know of Zondervan, Revell, Focus on the Family and B&H publishing.  Some of them were at the table where I ate some of my meals and they were truly delightful!  There were also a number of helping organizations represented as well.  Samaritan’s Purse, One Verse and Kenya’s Mercy House were represented at tables there with displays and opportunities for signing up.


My main impression from the women I met?  Not one of them has not been touched by pain.  Obviously, I didn’t get to talk to everyone, but I talked to quite a few women and have read more blogs.  At some point in their lives, I’m impressed that most of these women have been deeply touched by pain.  Some have suffered from infertility, ill children, some of whom have died, painful marriages, illness and of course, the one thing all of us have in common: sin and its effects.

We fail God often.  As a result, we hurt each other as well.  Some of the damage has hurt people we love very much…to say nothing of ourselves!  The cost of sin is always higher than we anticipate! Eve learned that the hard way!  David wrote so well about the effects of sin on his life and the lives of those around him.  But who was the flaw against?  As David said,

“Against You, You only have I sinned and done what is evil in your sight.”

In one of the writers’ seminars I was in, I honestly wondered why I was there.  Have I ever suffered?  Yes, I think so.  But I felt that I had lived an easy life as I listened to the women in my group.  They were amazing both in their love for Christ and in their ability to communicate their hearts.  They were delightful to be with as well.  Who could ask for a better combination?  And no, I don’t plan to give up writing.  I am also determined.  It challenged me to improve my writing in ways I observed in that seminar.


It was delightful to be part of this group of women who write for  God’s glory whether they are faith-based or not.  And that is the point of it all isn’t it?  We write for God’s glory.  It makes no difference whether we are writing about food, home design, homeschooling, curriculum, or a faith-based topic like grace.

“So, whatever you do, whether you eat or drink, do all to the glory of God.”   

It was good to meet so many of my sisters sprinkled throughout the U.S., Canada and the world who are serving Christ by ministering to their families and communities…and oh yes, blogging about it too!  Thanks for the ways you all share parts of your lives with us.  It is RELEVANT!