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Today is Five Minute Friday.  

What is it?  It is a chance to stretch our writing muscles and do something fun.  We write for 5 minutes on  the given word.  Then I reread to be sure there are no spelling errors…and that it makes sense!  I add some links and photos and there it is!



Beyond me and my ability.

Beyond myself and reaching out to others.


One takes perseverance to reach beyond the strength I have.

Beyond my ability and endurance.

The other takes the grace of God working in me.

I don’t naturally WANT to reach out to others.

I want them to reach out to ME!


But in order to do Kingdom work,

God calls me to reach out to others more often.

I love my husband and encourage him.

I love my children from a distance now.

I care for sick patients, many of whom are demanding, or have demanding families.

I love my friends and new acquaintances by listening…and occasionally speaking truth.


There are many days I feel I don’t move beyond myself.  I fail.

I let people down.  I don’t surprise God.

His grace abounds.  It moves beyond my failures.