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This short video/dramatization shows  a secularized version of the power of ministering out of your pain and loss.  (You won’t catch it all until the very end!)  It also shows the limitations of our ability to do that apart from Christ.  It is a powerful video and will stick in your head.  It will take more that 5 minutes to watch, so make the time to do it.

If you are a Christian and are in the middle of the side effects of doing this in your own strength (like the portrayal in the middle of the video), you might question whose strength you are “ministering” in.

Are you trying to gut it out and minister from weakness in your own strength with the expectation of some recognition or return on your “ministry” in the present?  Or are you doing it for the glory of God, realizing that the first time you might get recognition or praise, will be from Jesus?  That distinction has been helpful for me.

Of course, our motives are rarely pure.  They are usually mixed.  But when you find yourself getting down, is it because of lack of reciprocation?  It is understandably human, and is a barometer of motives.  I speak from much negative experience, believe me!

However, it is good to know how to take one’s temperature or blood pressure to know when they are out of range so the problems can be remedied.   It works that way in our spiritual life as well


How has the ministry of someone else to you or your ministry to another person, out of pain or loss, been encouraging or helpful?