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It’s early in the morning.  I’m in Colorado at the Savvy Blogging Summit.  I am normally NOT a morning person…soo not a morning person!  But this morning I woke up before the alarm and looked out the window.  Beautiful!  The setting here is lovely.  As I sit here on the balcony in the cool air (!), the high mountains are behind me.  In front of me is a small lake and the majority of a lovely resort made to look as natural as possible tucked in her on the side of this mountain.

The flowerbeds look like areas of wildflowers strewn around randomly with the birds flying from the nearby trees to grab goodies.  As I look around, I see workers out on the golf course mowing, stocking and straightening in different parts of the resort so that all the guests will have a delightful day.  The sun is low in the East and the sky is the nice fresh color with morning blues (changing constantly) mixed with oranges and pinks, and sprinkled with clouds.  Just a few runners are out.  For the most part, all is quiet.

I really should do this more often!  It is a beautiful time of day.  It is full of hope.  This is a new day…clean and fresh!  A time to start over!  God is in His universe.  His creativity is present everywhere.