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Today we are going to move on to lighter fare while I try to figure out what, under the sun I did to goof up my blog site!  Pardon the mess.  For now, you can read the posts, so I’ll keep them coming.  We’ll be back to the topic of friendship soon. However, I want to mention some milestones on the blog.


200th comment-You can be part of making this milestone happen.  I will be giving a $15 gift certificate to the person who makes this comment (just make one comment per person for now)  on any post, for either starbucks or amazon.  If you are reading this blog, you can make a comment!  Now is the time to take the plunge if you have never made a comment before.

Let me know what you like, what you hate (on the blog…I can’t do much about the things in your life that need fixing).  I’d love to know where you are from.  None of your information is given out to others so you don’t need to be afraid that you will be inundated with spam after leaving your email in a comment (that won’t show to the public).


Top referring blogs-I have two methods of counting my stats.  One is easier to check.  The other doesn’t seem to me to be as accurate.  I’ll combine what I have found from each and give you my top five referrers.  You might enjoy reading what these ladies have to offer.

  1. The Inspired RoomA blog about making your home comfortable and inviting without spending a lot of money.  Lots of ideas, lots of inspiration mixed with reality. (I won a contest on this huge site, brought traffic to my blog and some stayed.)  I met her at the Relevant conference.  Lovely lady who lives near Seattle.  very down-to-earth.
  2. Some Girl’s WebsiteCheerful mom who is raising two (adopted) boys and wanting to live out the christian life in practical ways.  Former school teacher who homeschools.   Does interesting series.  Will soon do one to help people learn more about taking better photographs and earn money selling photos.  I met her at the Relevant conference.  God made her face in a smile.  She is a Texan too!
  3. Happy Brown HouseHomeschooling mom of one who has been working on adopting internationally…when she turned up pregnant!  Has to lay low during her pregnancy-forgot the reason…extreme nausea I think…but she is homebound for now.  Has helpful sections for homeschool moms of very young + what she is learning from the present unique circumstances as they continue with the adoption process.  I wrote a comment last week and have had a LOT of traffic from this blog since then!  Thanks Sara:)
  4. Joy in This JourneyBlogger’s name is Joy.  Writes very well and has a depth brought on by some very difficult circumstances.  A daughter born with heart defects and multiple health issues.  During her short life, she endured multiple surgeries, hospitalizations and complete care by her family.  She passed away about a year ago (I think).  There are other children in the family including one who has less severe health issues.  Reading a blog like this is helpful to me in testing my theology.  Is the “theory” true even in situations that look impossible?  So far, yes.  Of course, it has been difficult, but the enablement of Christ as well as the comfort he has provided both during those difficult years of care and now in these years of grieving have been encouraging for me to observe.  She is honest and vulnerable as well as being a great writer.  She lives up to her name!
  5. Bridgette Booth.comShe is a personal friend…from my church.  This makes it all the more fun to see her on this list.  Her blog, A Sideways Glance, is very interesting.  She is also a homeschool mom who is a writer.  She is writing a book now for younger teens (I think that is the age group).  She often writes book reviews for children’s books.  I have found myself wanting to read some of them myself!  Take a look at her blog.  It is fun and interesting.  She has a delightful sense of humor!


***Non-bloggers-translation here***

Top referrers are found in my statistic counters.  They come from these particular blogs.  Sometimes they see a comment I’ve made that makes them curious, or I win a prize and they come over and look at my blog.  For whatever reason, they take a look.  Some realize we don’t have much in common.  Some of them stay.  It’s fun to have new visitors that stay.