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I’m really not trying to cop-out on writing today, but found these absolutely GREAT articles and wanted you to see them.  This one is about the .  Whether you have one or love someone who does, you need to read it.



Another fantastic article was this one about The perspective is a little different than you might expect, but stick with it and follow the twists and turns.

Time management is an area I am struggling with personally.  In many ways, it has been a life-long struggle.  But since 2011, it has been an especially difficult problem for me as I have been trying to manage this area of my life in new ways…with poor results.


Finally, since I’m giving you some resources from others, I’ll pass on this one that is excellent from a new friend in PA.  It is about .  Whether your marriage has had severe difficulties (as hers did) or whether your marriage is that rare one that hasn’t had any struggles (and you may want to ask yourself “why?” if that is the case!) this series will be a very helpful one for you.  Like most of us, you are probably somewhere along the continuum at this time.  (I linked you to her marriage swag which includes all the marriage articles.  the recent marriage series is called “Till Death Do Us Part”.

Her site is a great one for encouragement, encouragement, encouragement!  She is a young mother who is learning godliness and expresses herself very well.  (It might have to do with her degrees in English and Lit…i think it was.)  Her blog is packed with great resources for marriage,  a marriage affected by pornography, parenting,  creative homeschooling for small children and a family recently affected by stillbirth (2010).


Finally, since I touched on the topic of p*rn, I’ll pass on a link I’ve mentioned before that fleshes out the meaning of .  This is a marriage that was deeply broken as a result of p*rnography and its accompanying sins.  It isn’t a topic a person tends to walk up and ask for help about–either for themselves or their spouse.  That’s why I include information about it here on occasion (it’s not my first time).  I would hate to have someone read a blog on gritty grace and not find some resources for help for this and other sins that take guts and grit to find help for.

See how God used this horrible experience in the life of this couple to teach each of them about the “scandalous” grace of God and what that means in marriage…and life.  This and its accompanying links and stories is very practical in showcasing the grace of God to both the sinners (who know they are) and the self-righteous (who don’t have a clue that they are sinners too!)  Read/listen to their story and rejoice in God’s grace.  Browse the site.  It is great!  (Part of the site says it is broken, but the photos on the right can be clicked and opened to learn more.)